Bitumen sheet waterproofing

BS Specialist Products have a range of Bitumen tanking membranes and associated ancillary items.

Xeric WP

Is constructed from Bitumen/rubber with a backing of cross laminated HDPE. When applied to concrete and masonry surfaces which have been primed with Xeric Prime it provides a highly effective waterproof membrane.

Xeric GRM

Is constructed from a polymer modified Bitumen compound and incorporates an aluminium carrier film.

The installed membrane is resistant to radon, carbon dioxide and methane and is suitable for waterproofing basements grades 2,3 and 4 as definedd in BS 8102:1990 ‘Protection of Structures Against Water from the Ground’.


Xeric WP – tanking membrane Sheetseal 226 Bituthene GP/4000 Proofex 3000
Xeric GRM – gas resistant Sheetseal GR Bituthene 8000 Proofex 3000MR
Xeric Reinforcing Strip – 300mm Sheetseal 226–300mm N/A N/A
Xeric Filtadrain – drainage sheet Double Drain Hydroduct 200/220 Proofex Sheetdrain
Xeric Fillet – angle fillet N/A N/A Proofex Angle Fillet
Xeric Prime – bitumen primer Sheetseal Primer B1 / S2 Primer Proofex Primer
Proteq HD – protection board Protection Board Servipak Proofex Protection Board

Sheet membrane

Xeric Filtadrainia a HDPE cuspated drainage sheet. It is fixed to walls and roofs of structures to provide a filtered, drainage plane that will route ground water and gases away from the structure, utilising sub-soil drains to link with the site drainage system.

Corden EPS 1mm Polypropylene Lift Pit Liner. The Lift Pit Liner is a preformed, made to measure, waterproof lining material. It is made from 1mm propylene/ethylene co-polymer geo-membrane. This premium quality geo-membrane is produced from a resin formulation designed to exhibit excellent flexibility, improved elasticity and resistance to puncture.


Cement based waterproofing

Triton TT55. Single component, polymer modified cement “tanking system” for walls and floors. It forms a highly effective damp proof membrane for brickwork, concrete or any cementitious substrate.

Triton tanking mix elestifier TTME. Designed to be mixed with Triton TT55 to produce a flexible waterproof coating suitable for vertical or horizontal surfaces. It is ideal for areas liable to cracking or deformation.

Triton quick set. Plugging compound developed to stem water flow but which can also be used as an all-purpose instant setting repair mortar with a wide range of applications.

Triton filletseal is a pre-packed cement based and polymer modified product for use as a floor to wall junction seal during waterproof works when using cementitious coatings (TT55) and renders. When extra flexibility or adhesion are required, Triton SBR latex and Triton TTME may be used respectively.

Bentonite and water bars waterproofing

RIW Structureseal is a highly effective waterproofing composite of high strength green coloured geotextile and sodium bentonite. The high swelling sodium bentonite is encapsulated between a non-woven and woven geotextile. A ‘needle-punch’ process interlocks the geotextiles together forming an extremely strong composite that maintains the equal coverage of bentonite as well as protecting it from inclement weather and construction related damage.

RIW Waterstop is a sodium betonite based material designed to stop water infiltration through in-situ concrete construction joints. RIW Waterstop is an active bentonite based hydrophilic waterstop designed to replace passive PVC/Rubber type waterbars eliminating the requirement of special pieces and seam welding.

RIW Sealing Compound & Granules is a trowel-grade, sodium bentonite/butyl-rubber based sealant, designed for use with the Structureseal system. RIW Granules are chemically treated sodium bentonite granules, which are used as a detailing accessory product with the Structureseal system.



Is manufactured in lengths of approximately 5 metres. The swelling properties are created by the particle structure of the clay. When in contact with water and confined conditions, Bentorub will swell to approximately 4V and create a waterproofing pressure inside the joint.

Swellseal Mastic is a caulk applied one-component, hydro swelling mastic for sealing smooth and rough constrution joints and pipe penetrations.

Liquid based waterproofing

RIW Liquid Asphalt Composition is a two coat, cold applied damp proof membrane, which dries to a uniform gloss black finish. The coating is a solution of natural and petroleum Bitumens in white spirit.RIW Toughseal is typically used to provide a water and water vapour proof barrier in areas that require excellent tensile adhesion, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, such as plant rooms and under raised access floors. RIW Toughseal epoxy DPM system has a Class 1 fire rating and is UV resistant.

RIW Flexiseal is a solvent free thixotropic liquid based on urethene pre-polymers, which on contract with atmospheric moisture, cures to give a continuous tough rubber-like coating. RIW Flexiseal Primer is a solvent free brown liquid pre-polymer based on M.D.I.



Fosroc Mulseal DP single part Biumen latex emulsion. The incorporation of rubber latex imparts elasticity to the dried coating. Mulseal DP is suitable for use on building materials such as concrete, brickwork, metal and stone. Easily applied by brush or squeegee it can be used on damp surfaces, provided that no free water is present.

Proofex LM is a two component Bituminous liquid membrane for the waterproofing of underground structures and intricate details in conjunction with Proofex waterproofing systems.



Resbuild ET coating is supplied as two pack material in pre-weighted quantities ready for mixing and use. It may be applied direct to concrete or steel, or else used in conjunction with a substrate specific primer. This cost effective, flexible coating is easy to apply and has excellent resistance to water and chemicals.

Resbuild Liquid DPM is developed to function as a residual construction moisture suppressant, to allow the early installation of moisture sensitive flooring in fast track building programmes. One or two coats may be applied depending on the degree of dampness present in the sub-floor. Available in grey, red, and clear colours to allow control of uniform coverage. Liquid DPM is also for priming damp, minimally prepared substrates.