Overcoming lift-pit liner installation problems

The waterproofing of lift-pits is often associated with a number of installation difficulties such as low temperature, damp and non-skilled installation issues. BSSP specialists have provided waterproofing materials for hundreds of lift-pits over the past 20 years and recognised the need for a cost effective alternative to traditional methods.

Traditional methods of waterproofing lift-pits can involve several different components including self-adhesive and bonded membranes, primers, liquid membranes, protection boards and drainage composites. Even though the traditional methods are effective, they rely heavily on the expertise of the operatives installing them. In many cases, site operatives are using products which they are unfamiliar with. This can result in failure, allowing water ingress into the lift-pit which is very difficult and costly to remedy.

Custom-built solution

The Corden EPS Lift-Pit Liner eliminates all of these issues. The Corden EPS Lift-Pit Liner is custom built, made to measure and is generally available within five working days to site, reducing lead time and cost.

The unique, flexible nature of the Corden EPS Lift-Pit Liner allows for variations in the installation and unlike rigid GRP lift-pit liners, will accommodate these. GRP lift-pit liners are also far more expensive and can be up to five times the cost of Corden EPS Lift-Pit Liner.

BSSP are experts in creating solutions to often time-consuming and complex projects and in addition to the 1mm thick polypropylene product, they have developed a more robust, flexible and thicker butyl liner that will offer added benefits in terms of puncture resistance, flexibility and weld quality.

The Product

Designed by BSSP the Corden EPS Lift-Pit Liner has proved to be one of the most advanced systems available – and is very popular.

The Lift Pit Liner is a 1mm propylene/ethylene co-polymer geo-membrane, preformed made to measure waterproofing lining material.

Produced from a resin formulation designed to provide a premium quality geo-membrane, it exhibits excellent flexibility, improved elasticity and resistance to puncture. These properties assure maximum multi-axial elongation to accommodate differential settlement. Polypropylene is ideal for geo-membrane applications, and major benefits to installation are provided by a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and a wide temperature-welding window. Heat welding produces a homogenous membrane that is totally impervious to water ingress. The product lends itself to applications where high/variable water tables, standing water and water creating hydrostatic pressure areas are in evidence.

Find out more

To speak to a BSSP specialist contact sales@corden-bsp.co.uk or telephone 0115 965 6333 and one of our representatives will talk you through the alternative options – saving time and money.