Norbert Dentressangle is a market leading international company in logistics, transport and air & sea freight. The company employs over 40,000 staff in 25 countries and develops high added value solutions in its three sectors of activity.

In the UK, Norbert Dentressangle runs one of the largest networks of temperature controlled warehousing facilities, including specialised blast freezing and tempering services. Strict temperature controlled warehousing provides storage for produce, chilled and frozen foods which require consistent monitoring within an extremely demanding environment. This, together with comprehensive transport network, means that there is a regular maintenance and repair programme to ensure the facilities meet the exacting standards set out by the company’s quality regulations.

The Challenge

Working closely with contractor, Jackson Building Centres, BSSP technicians were tasked to find a solution to a recurring problem where floor repairs were failing on a regular basis. However, there was the added difficulty that the floor they needed to repair was in very cold temperatures.

The location of the warehouse, which is used to store frozen foods, demanded that the temperature range was between -25 and -30 degrees centigrade, meaning that the technicians were only able to operate within the units for a maximum of 45 minutes at a time. Faced with these extreme temperatures BSSP needed to supply a product which would provide the following:

  • cure at very low temperatures.
  • be tough enough to withstand constant forklift-truck traffic.
  • guarantee a repair that would not fail.

One thing the technicians could work with was the knowledge that the previous product used was a magnesium phosphate based material. This did enable the product to cure at the temperatures within the warehouse, however they were not strong enough for the constant forklift truck traffic. Epoxy repair products also failed. They would be tough enough but would not cure at the extreme low temperatures.

The Solution

As the conditions were extreme and the timescales limited, BSSP technicians worked closely with the maintenance department to initially work within a trial site. The test site provided the perfect opportunity to find the right solution which was to apply the Resibuild MMA Floorpatch Pourable – a fast curing, high strength, two component Methacrylate resin mortar, designed for rapid and permanent repairs to concrete surfaces that may be subjected to heavy loading.

The area needed specific and careful preparation to ensure the work was carried out quickly and effectively. As demonstrated above, the area was initially primed, then the MMA Floorpatch Pourable was mixed with a cordless drill and spiral paddle and poured into the prepared area. After the desired finish was achieved the product was left to cure. After only 30 minutes the product was set sufficiently to accept forklift truck traffic.

Added Value

The wealth of experience from the BSSP team along with unrivalled product knowledge enabled them to work quickly and efficiently within these extreme temperatures.

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