Cutting facilities on site

As well as standard sizes to suit brick, block and concrete thicknesses, BS Specialist Products have invested in unique cutting equipment to facilitate the processing of bespoke sized expansion joint fillers.

Here at BSSP we can cut to any size, shape or thickness which ensures readily available strips or shapes or pipe cut outs to suit even the most demanding requirements, small or large, within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on the package we offer including availability, price and delivery.

We have become a trusted partner to our customers and we always go the extra mile, that’s why our growing list of customers nationwide include manufacturers, distributors, builder’s merchants and contractors.

Product Selection

Expansion joint fillers are used in construction to take the strain from building materials when a structure is settling down or just fluctuating from temperature and atmospheric changes. The BSSP range of Expansion Joint Fillers cover all types of sealants from corking through to compressed bitumen impregnated fibre joints and other specialist applications.


Fibrefill is an economical, compressible, non-extruding, bitumen impregnated fibreboard designed primarily for use as an expansion joint filler for joints between concrete components.


Expandafill is a closed cell, polyethylene expansion joint filler for use in concrete, brickwork and blockwork joints. Expandafill is low density therefore it is also used for forming isolation joints for machine bases and perimeter slan isolation joints.

Expandafill HD

Expandafill HD is a high quality, low compression, closed cell, polyethylene product suitable for forming critical movement joints in civil/structural works and water retaining structures. It is used to form expansion joints in concrete, brickwork and blockwork and its semi-rigid nature also makes it suitable for forming or filling expansion joints between adjacent in-situ, pre-cast components.

Bitubond Cork

Bitubond Cork is a pre-formed, rigid, bitumen bonded cork board designed for critical water-retaining, civil and structural expansion joints.

This versitile product will accomodate the majority of construction requirements without extruding under load due to the compression load ratio. The board is evenly formed between two layers of heavy asphalt saturated felt paper.

Expandafill Cord

Expandafill Cord – Also known as backer rod – is a cosed cell, polyethylene material similar to the standard Expandafill but in cord format.

Available in various diameters, Expandafill Cord is predominantly used to push into existing expansion joints prior to sealing ensuring that the correct amount of sealant is used.


Expandagap is a fine cell polyurethane foam supplied in pre-compressed form, specifically designed to expand to fill regular gaps and joints toprovide a permanent flexible seal to a wide range of details.

Expandagap responds to continued expansion and contraction cycles caused by thermal and structural movement. It expands to approximately five times its’ pre-compressed thickness and provides sound reduction when installed.