BS Specialist Products offer a range of concrete surface treatment chemicals, each with various protective properties for use in a variety of construction situations. The durability, life span and density of concrete can be enhanced through the application of surface treatments. Whether these are to assist with the striking of formwork or hardening, sealing and dustproofing concrete once poured.

We have become a trusted partner to our customers and we always go the extra mile. That’s why our growing list of customers nationwide include distributors, builder’s merchants and contractors. You can view our range of concrete surface treatments below, each provides a short description of the product, its application and the relevant product information.

Quality and Performance

We have a wide range of cost effective concrete surface treatment chemicals, each with protective properties for use in a variety of construction situations. Call us for more information 0115 965 6333.

Concrete Curing Agents

CM-Curecon S

Curecon ‘S’ concrete curing liquid is an aqueous solution of metallic silicates. It assists in the efficient curing of concrete by reducing moisture evaporation from the mix. Curecon ‘S’ forms a micro-crystalline seal in the concrete pores and thereby becomes an integral part of the surface unlike resin-based membranes.

CM-Curecon R90 & R90A

Curecon R90 is a concrete curing compound formulated with inert hydrocarbons. It gives a water retention efficiency in excess of 90% complying with the ministry of public buildings and works specifications 201 and ASTM C309.66. Curecon R90 also confirmsto DTp specification 2709. CM-Curecon R90A is aluminium pigmented to keep temperature of concrete to a minimum.

CM-Curecon Multi

Curecon Multi is a clear acrylic styrene resin compound designed to cure, seal, dust-proof and harden freshly cast concrete which then readily accepts the application of subsequent finishes. It exhibits good abrasion resistance and provides protection against staining. Curecon Multi may also be used as a clear sealer on aged concrete to dust-proof and provide an easily cleaned surface.

CM-Cemdust Hardener

Cemdust Hardener is a clear aqueous chemical solution of metallic silicates in ready to use form designed to improve both new and old concrete floors. Cemdust Hardener impregnates cement bound floors hardening the matrix and rendering them dust free.

Concrete Release Agents

CM-Re-lease Spray

Re-lease (Spray) consists of a solvent free light viscosity mineral oil with the addition of highly active surfactants. Re-lease (Spray) mould oil is designed to give optimum release and surface tension at the interface between the concrete and the formwork.

CM-Re-Lease Brush

Re-Lease (Brush) is a dualvpurpose mould oil specifically formulated for both timber and metal framework. Commonly known as soap oil Re-Lease (Brush) is a blend of oil and oil phased emulsion which provides an ideal release agent for ‘day to day’ concreting.

Re-Lease (Brush) is not suitable for spray application.

Concrete Retarders

Eco-tard liquid TF

Eco-tard liquid TF is an aqueous biodegradable top face retarder for application onto freshly placed horizontal concrete to produce an exposed aggregate surface, excellent for receiving subsequent concrete or toppings.

Eco-tard gel MF

Eco-tard gel MF (Mould Face) is an aqueous biodegradable pigmented retarder designed to be applied to formwork surfaces to produce an exposed aggregate surface which gives an excellent key for subsequent concreting or surface treatments; it is ideal for construction joints and rendering applications.

Stain stop

An aqueous polymer, which impregnates porous surfaces and imparts a transparent barrier against oil and water, and also provides stain resistance and release characteristics. It does not alter the appearance of the substrate or its permeabillity.

Stainstop is suitable for sealing natural stone, concrete, marble, terracotta etc.

Brick and block treatment


Solvent free water repellent penetrating sealer. Eco-wallseal is a high performance clear, solvent free water repellent specially formulated to prevent water penetration to brick, stone, concrete, pebbledash, rendering and other mineral substrates. Logco eco-wallseal penetrates deeply into the surface treated to provide effective long term water repellence, is unaffected by ultra violet light and offers superior water beading.

Eco-pave block sealer

Eco-pave block sealer is a clear, solvent free acrylic resin coating used to seal and protect patios, paths, natural stone, concrete and block paving (and other hard landscaped areas) from the effects of sunlight, water, oil, petrol and lichen growth. The result is a hard wearing water repellent film with has a low sheen, slip resistant finish.

Also available in a stand stabilised version – Eco-paved blockseal SS.