Visqueen Ultimate GeoSeal is a pre-applied membrane designed to comply with current guidance on waterproofing, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and ground gases. Manufactured using Visqueen’s advanced barrier technology and drawing on our extensive knowledge and expertise in gas protection, Visqueen has developed a new barrier membrane suitable in applications that are affected by aggressive chemicals such as Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylene (BTEX).

The product is textured on one side to aid adhesion to concrete and available in a large roll format to minimise jointing and quick installation times. The membrane is grey and black and 2.44m x 41m x 1mm (100m.), in single wound roll format and packaged in a clear outer wrap.

The membrane should be installed grey and textured side up.

  • Conforms in full to BS8102:2009, CIRIA C748 and BS8485:2015
  • Unique pre-applied and gas resistant membrane
  • Excellent VOC & methane barrier resistance
  • Suitable for both Tanking and DPM applications
  • Utilises Visqueen’s unique technology
  • Exceptional puncture resistance – No protection required
  • Welding and Visqueen Gas Resistant tape system options