A pre-packed cement based and polymer modified product for use as a floor to wall junction seal during waterproofing works when using cementitious slurry coatings (Triton TT55) and renders.

In most circumstances Triton FILLET SEALneed only be mixed with water for use. Where extra adhesion or flexibility are required, Triton SBR latex and Triton TANKING MIX ELASTIFIER (T.T.M.E) may be uses respectively.

The use of Triton FILLET SEAL helps to ensure a smooth transition between horizontal and vertical surfaces which minimizes the risk of leaving gaps or holes unsealed during the water proofing works.

Situations where the Triton FILLET SEAL will be employed should already have been prepared in accordance with the slurry coating or render specification. In the majority of instances the Triton FILLET SEAL will be applied onto the slurry coated surface as illustrated in FIG.1 below.