Tiefill is primarily used for the filling of tie-holes formed by formwork bolts in new construction, particularly where a rapid setting, durable, waterproof mortar is required. It can also be used for sealing grout holes and voids around fixings in pre-cast elements.

Tiefill is a single component, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, Portland cement based repair compound, which exhibits unique hydraulic properties to produce a rapid curing mortar with enhanced polymer properties.

Tiefill is supplied as a single component system requiring only the addition of clean water to give a rapid setting, yet durable high strength mortar. It is ideally suited for the filling of voids, particularly in new construction, which need to be rapidly put into service – such as tie-holes, grout holes and voids around fixings.

  • Incorporates the latest proven cement chemistry, polymer and fibre technology.
  • Pre-packaged materials in convenient pack sizes only requiring mixing with clean water on site.
  • High bond strength exceeds tensile strength of concrete thus ensuring monolithic performance.
  • Sets in 30 minutes at 20°C, yielding a durable, high strength mortar.
  • Waterproof seal which withstands 10 bar water pressure after only 72 hours curing.
  • Polymer modification gives enhanced adhesion and low permeability, providing excellent protection from acid gases, moisture ingress and chlorides.
  • Improved tensile and impact strength. Excellent low sag properties.
  • Non-toxic when cured and is WRAS Approved for use in contact with potable water.
  • Economic mortar generally requiring no substrate or inter-layer priming. Part bags can be mixed.

CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1504 Part 3. Fully complies with the Highways Agency Standard BD 27/86 for use on Highway Structures. Compliant with LU Standard 1-085 ‘Fire Safety Performance of Materials’.

The repair compound shall be a single component, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, Portland cement based repair compound that is CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1504-3 Class R4. It shall comply with the following performance specification:

  • Ability to set in 10minutes at 20°C, achieving a compressive strength of at least 8.5 MPa in 1 hour and 55 MPa in 28 days
  • Impermeable to water under 10 bar hydrostatic pressure such that an 8.75mm coating is equivalent to 100mm of concrete.