SoluForm Prefilled Underwater Concrete Bagwork | UK

The Soluform Prefilled Underwater Bagwork is designed for the hand placement of concrete in watercourses. Uses include the creation below water of scour protection, void filling, underpinning to a structure subject to scour, the formation to underwater parts of headwalls to culverts and bridges, or the creation and protection of riverbanks and walls below water.

The concrete contained within the bagwork, remains inside the bagwork product during its use, with the outer bag acting as the external formwork and the inner liner as the means of concrete containment. Both the inner liner and outer bag are fully biodegradable, safely biodegrading insitu within 6-12 months. The concrete mix within the bags typically hydrates within several hours (refer to instructions below), hardens fully within 12 hours, and achieves full design strength within 28 days.

Each prefilled SoluForm Underwater Bag is supplied filled with 20kg of dry mix high strength structural concrete, 50no. prefilled bags per pallet, with each pallet shrink wrapped for storage and protection. Prefilled U/W bagwork can be placed underwater with the use of galvanised steel rebar pins, the pins being used short term to pierce the liner and allow water to hydrate the concrete, and long term as a means of linking blockwork together into a singular massive block of concrete blockwork.

Prefilled SoluForm Underwater Bagwork allows the hand placement of concrete in water, without the need for pumps, plant or other forms of concrete formwork. The lined product also creates a clean method of placement, to greatly minimise any effect upon the environment arising from the placement of concrete in the river.

Provided prefilled, primarily this removes the need for the contractor to fill bagwork themselves. As a means of concrete placement, it is highly adaptable on site during construction, and requires very little in the way of design.

Compressive Strength

SoluForm prefilled bagwork is supplied to achieve an in-situ strength of at least 25N/mm2, complying with BS EN 206-1 Characteristic Strength N/mm2 (typical)

High Strength Concrete Blend

Strength Test- Cube 7 Days 28 Days
Laboratory Tested 25 32
Representative (in situ) 18 25


The individual components of the concrete comply with the requirements of BS/IS EN 206-1:2002 and is manufactured under a BSI registered ISO 9001:2015 Quality System.

Materials used comply with the following standards:

Cement: BS EN 197-1:2011 (UK) IS EN 197-1: 2011 (Ireland)
Aggregate: BS EN 12620:2002

About the SoluForm Concrete Filled MSE Bagwork

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