RonaFloor Epoxy Floor Mortar Standard and Rapid are high performance epoxy resin mortars for repairing existing floors and providing new wearing surfaces in light and heavy traffic areas. Its formulation allows thin section application down to 5mm. RonaFloor Epoxy Floor Mortar offers good mechanical resistance and will resist attack from most industrial chemicals including acids, alkalis, oils, fats, solvents and foodstuffs.

The rapid strength gain properties of RonaFloor Epoxy Floor Mortar Rapid shortens the pot life and working time of the mixed mortar. Whilst it is suitable for floor repairs its short pot life makes it unsuitable for laying floor screeds. Surfaces repaired with RonaFloor Epoxy Floor Mortar Rapid can be accessed by foot and heavy traffic after 4 hours (at 20°C).

  • Epoxy screed and repair mortar
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Resistant to mechanical and chemical attack
  • Can be installed from 5mm
  • Good surface finish
  • Can be left with a slip resistant finish
  • Available in rapid grade
  • Range of colours available