Proofex Cavitydrain products are profiled HDPE with ribbed conical voids spaced to permit high water flow through a permanent void against the sub-structure face. Mortar is poured into the conical voids on the internal face of the drainage former allowing high load transfer to structural elements. Two grades are available. Proofex Cavitydrain 80 is a cost-effective solution for vertical applications and Proofex Cavitydrain 200 is for both horizontal and vertical applications.

  • Internal application in a controlled environment increases security against waterproofing failure
  • Provides a continuous drainage former and damp proof barrier
  • High compressive strength
  • Conical voids enable high load transfer to structural elements
  • Chemically resistant
  • Easily fixed and installed using mechanical fixings
  • Vertical and horizontal grades available

If it is not possible to cast floor screeds immediately following the application of Proofex Cavitydrain, temporary protection must be provided to prevent physical damage from site operations. Avoid point loads of Proofex Cavitydrain from floor screed reinforcement by using spreaders or pre-filling the conical voids with concrete or mortar.