JUTA UK Pile Head Sealer (PHS) is a crystalline cementitious waterproof slurry which creates a monolithic bond to the structure and seals the pile head. When mixed with clean water and applied correctly, it is designed to form a permanent waterproof coating to concrete piles in accordance with BS58102:2009.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be free from existing coatings or contamination, i.e. paint, laitance, dirt etc. and present an open capillary structure to allow monolithic bonding of the crystalline chemicals. If the surface is dry, thoroughly dampen the surface with water prior to application to aid adhesion.

Cracks and bolt holes must be cut out and filled solid with Hydrolock Paste prior to the application of PHS. Substrates contaminated with high levels of soil or groundwater sulphates may require the addition of salt inhibitors.


PHS consistency can be varied to suit the application method. Recommended water additions:

Brush applied slurry or trowel application:

  • Place the recommended amount of clean water into a suitable mixing bucket.
  • Using a slow speed electric paddle mixer (400-600 rpm), gradually start to add the powder while mixing.
  • Ensure all the powder is added.
  • Mix for approx. 3 minutes to achieve a creamy lump-free consistency.
  • If required, add a small amount of water to obtain the correct consistency depending on the application.

For spray application: use traditional wet mortar spraying equipment and processes.

PHS is a minimum 2 coat application system. Once mixed PHS has a 30 minutes pot life at 20°C. Minimum layer thickness:

Normal application rate is 3kg/m2 for an overall 2 coat application. Consumption rates are to be increased up to 6kg/m2 for areas of excessive water pressure.

Brush applied slurry: Apply PHS even in layers using a stiff-bristled brush or broom on vertical surfaces and a rubber squeegee or stiff-bristled brush/broom for horizontal surfaces. It is essential the first coat is brushed well into the surface to ensure a good bond with the substrate. Allow the first coat to set firm (2-16 hours). Apply a second coat of PHS as soon as the first coat has hardened. Apply the second coat at 90° angle to the first coat.

Do not apply PHS to substrates with temperatures below 5°C or if the ambient temperature is below 5°C or is expected to fall below 5°C in 24 hrs. Avoid application in direct sunlight.

Do not allow PHS to dry out too rapidly. After the initial set, moist curing is recommended. Fine mist spray treated area 3 to 4 times daily for a 48-hour period. It is recommended ventilation is provided as a lack of ventilation may cause condensation to form on the surface of PHS. Protect the coating from excessively fast evaporation in hot conditions or drying winds. If these conditions prevail, fine mist spray the surface regularly.

PHS is suitable for overcoating once correctly and thoroughly cured.