Parex Bond Plus Priming Mortar is fully compliant with the requirements of the relevant parts of BS 7533 and is designed for use as a “scrub coat”. The pre-blended product is ready for on-site mixing and only requires the measured addition of water.

It is applied to the underside of natural stone paving slabs, setts and paving units and the top of the underlying roadbase prior to laying, in order to improve adhesion and bond strength.

It forms part of the Parex Streetscape range of mortars and should be used in conjunction with Parex FBC bedding mortar and Granatech jointing mortar.
The formation of an adequate bond between the bedding/jointing mortars and the paving units is vital if the overall design of the structure is to perform adequately.
Minimum bond strengths are prescribed within the relevant part of BS 7533 but their attainment is a function of both the mortar characteristics, the nature of the paving unit and its surface profile.

The highly specialised mix design incorporates plasticising agents which are combined with polymers to produce a slurry that is easily applied by brush or trowel.
It requires only the correct addition of water for site mixing.
Parex Mortars are manufactured under a quality system conforming to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

Bond Strength: 2N/mm² + depending on substrate

Density: 1800kg/m³

Usable Life: 45 minutes