GP® TITANTECH DPC (Gas and Hydrocarbon Resistant) is a unique single layer, embossed high-performance DPC. It is specifically designed and manufactured to perform as a methane, carbon dioxide, VOC, radon and moisture resistant damp proof course.


Roll weights can be in excess of 5kg, hence appropriate care and equipment is required for unloading and handling.


Rolls of JUTA GP® TITANTECH DPC should be stored on stable/level ground and stacked no more than five feet high, with no other material stacked on top. The rolls can be stored outdoors when packaged but should be protected from exposure to UV. JUTA GP® TITANTECH DPC is classified as non-hazardous and is chemically inert such that it will not react with any acid or alkali environment in which it is used.

  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Complies with the latest codes of practice as published by BRE, CIRIA AND BSI (BSEN14909, BS8485:2015 AND C748).
  • Embossed surface to create superior mortar adhesion which is essential when being used in 3+ storey applications.


JUTA GP® TITANTECH DPC must be installed in accordance with the guidelines laid out in BS8215:1991, BS8000: part 3 and BS5628. It can be used in most common floor constructions and is installed in a similar manner to damp proof membrane. For external walls the DPC should be applied 150mm above the adjoining surface and should be linked to a DPM or Gas Resistant DPM in solid floors. The DPC should be applied to a fresh bed of mortar, completely free of projections that may puncture the material or impede the DPC from lying flat.

Jointing and Sealing

Sheets must be clean, dry, free from dirt and grease before application of jointing tape. JUTA GP® TITANTECH DPC may also be heat welded to the underlying gas resistant membrane.