JUTA GP® Liquid Gas Barrier is a ready for use specialist styrene butadiene latex-based liquid applied membrane. It offers a simple, continuous passive gas prevention barrier against the ingress of methane, carbon dioxide, radon, ground gas, VOC, air and moisture into buildings.


Material is supplied in tubs of 5kg or 15kg weight. Appropriate care must be taken when handling. Clean tools with water immediately after use.


Store tub in conditions between 5°C and 30°C; shelf life 12 months unopened.

  • Acts as a waterproofing membrane.
  • Can be used as a DPM on walls and floors.
  • Complies with the latest codes of practice as published by BR211, CIRIA and BSI (BS8485:2015).
  • Suitable for use as a gas protection for NHBC GREEN, AMBER 1 and AMBER 2 site characterisations.

the background surface should be smooth or have a light even texture, and masonry should be flush pointed and defects in the surfaces made good prior to application. The surface should be clean, sound and free of dust, loose material or free surface water.

The Liquid Gas Barrier should not be applied in wet conditions or where inclement weather is expected before the membrane has dried. The membrane should not be applied in temperatures below 7°C.

Where multiple coats are applied, it is recommended that the coats are applied at right angles to each other. Before application of secondary coats it is necessary to let the first coat become touch dry.

The time required to reach touch dry condition will vary dependant on site conditions within the working area, but will typically be in the order of 1-2 hours in favourable conditions. It is preferable that secondary coats are applied with 24 hours.

For hydrostatic applications – the use of JUTA Crystalline Active Barrier  (CAB) should be used prior to the application of Liquid Gas Barrier.


May be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. A minimum dry coated thickness of 1.0mm is needed to provide a gas barrier. To achieve 1.0mm thickness, a total of 2k/m2
is required, therefore, a 15kg tub will cover an area of 7.5mand a 5kg tub will cover an area of 2.5m2.

Jointing and Sealing

JUTA GP® Liquid Gas Barrier is compatible with with loose laid membranes supplied by JUTA UK, such as JUTA GP®1, GP®2, GP®H and GP®TITANTECH membranes.