Creep resistant geocomposite drainage sheets that provide highly efficient drainage to reducehydrostatic pressure on basement walls.

  • Polystyrene resists creep under long term loading – drainage capacity maintained
  • High flow capacity – can drain 5.29 litres/sec/m when backfilled to a depth of 5 m
  • Geotextile filter fabric prevents soil particles entering drainage core – minimises risk of clogging
  • Rot proof – unaffected by immersion in water and resistant to dilute concentrations of chemicals
  • No drainage aggregates needed – excavated soil re-used as backfill.

HYDRODUCT drainage sheets are pre-fabricated geocomposites comprising studded polystyrene drainage cores covered with polypropylene filter fabric. They provide efficient, cost effective alternatives to traditional aggregate drainage.

HYDRODUCT drainage sheets must link with either.

HYDRODUCT Coil 150 or perforated sub-soil drains at the bottom of the basement wall, and carry to the site drainage system. This ensures water is drained away from the basement structure.

  • Not suitable where ‘Water table is anticipated to be permanently above the level of the sub- soil drain.
  • Not recommended for masonry walls of basements in impermeable soils.
  • When backfilling, compaction of backfill must be controlled to prevent displacement of HYDRODUCT sheets.
  • At temperatures below 0°C, additional fixings are necessary to secure the geotextile to the drainage core. Contact GCP for further details.