EVERBUILD FIX & FILL are quick setting one part polyurethane foams in aerosol form. FIX & FILL is supplied with attachable nozzles. The foam expands on application to up to 150% Its original volume. Once cured, the foam can be cut, sawn or plastered over after only one hour providing the working temperatures (can and surfaces) are between +5 to +30oC, ideally 20oC.

  • Quick setting -can be cut, sawn or plastered in 1 hour.
  • Economical in use -expands up to 55times its original volume.
  • Fills irregular and broad gaps where most conventional fillers would fail.
  • Possesses insulating and sound deadening properties.
  • Carefully read instructions and text in warning box before use.
  • Do not over pressurize container.
  • Always apply above 5oC ideally 20°C (conditions and product)
  • Clean spills immediately with EVERFLEX FOAM CLEANER