Geofabrics Limited is a British manufacturing company established in 1992. From the outset the objective was to manufacture high-performance geotextiles to a high-quality standard. The Company’s ethos is to exceed the expectations of customers with products and support services. Product development is achieved by analysing the customer’s application, determining the properties that are required, manufacturing the solution and testing it to confirm that it meets the requirements. Today, the company not only manufactures class-leading geotextiles for landfill engineering, but also geocomposites for applications in railways, coastal engineering, brownfield site remediation and infrastructure development.

25mm HDPE cuspated drainage board with a geotextile filter/separator bonded to a single side.

GEOfabrics’ FC25 geocomposite has been designed to provide a passive venting system for gasses and liquids.

  • Optimised for maximum strength and performance
  • UV stabilised
  • High crush resistance
  • Excellent flow rate