Epoxy repair mortar for thin section repairs, 25mm to featheredge.

Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade is an epoxy resin based mortar suitable for placing using hand tools.

The product consists of a resin base, a hardener and a bag of specially graded fillers. The grading of the filling system enables application thicknesses of 20mm down to a featheredge.

The working surface requires to be primed using Bondcoat UF giving excellent adhesion to most construction materials.

Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade is easy to place using hand tools giving concrete repairs of the highest mechanical properties.

The mortar can be used to give support to concrete arises and will act as a high strength support under steel units.

Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade is resistant to a wide range of chemicals including
petroleum products. The mortar is stable to
freezing and thawing