Tri-Gas Membrane is a high performance gas membrane for use in situations where resistance to methane, carbon dioxide and/or radon gas is required. It is generally used within construction applications, predominantly within the foundation design. The multilayer 0.4mm thick membrane includes an ultra-low permeability aluminium foil core encapsulated between a number of additional LDPE layers and a reinforcing grid to form a single sheet membrane.

  • Excellent resistance properties with low permeability to ground gases including methane, carbon dioxide and radon
  • Provides additional damp proofing protection to the structure (no requirement for a separate DPM)
  • Reinforced membrane construction with excellent resistance to both puncturing and tearing
  • Complies with relevant industry codes and guidance including BS 8485:2015 + A1:2019, CIRIA and BRE

The use of the Tri-Gas Membrane is suggested where combined gas protection and damp proofing is required. The membrane is a loose-laid product suitable for use in most horizontal and some shallow vertical including beneath reinforced concrete slabs and associated foundations.

Suitable for use in conjunction with the Gas Resistant Self Adhesive Membrane and Gas Resistant DPC for protection against the ingress of methane, carbon dioxide, radon and damp.

The Tri-Gas Membrane can be installed with the use of either welded or taped joints depending on the specific project requirements.