Puraflex VOC Membrane is a high performance hydrocarbon and chemical resistant barrier with exceptional resistance to a wide range of pollutants including hydrocarbons, industrial chemicals, toxic waste, natural and radioactive gases; it also acts as a high performance DPM. The membrane is generally used within construction applications, predominantly within the foundation design.

  • High performance membrane with a chemical resistant core
  • Provides additional damp proofing protection
  • Robust with excellent resistance to puncturing and tearing
  • Extensive test data available
  • Supported by the Cordek Puraflex Permeation Modeller

The most common application for Puraflex VOC Membrane is within the foundation of a building or structure that requires protection from the ingress of VOC’s, hydrocarbons and/or ground gases. However further applications include:

  • Protection of Filcor lightweight structural fill and void formers
  • Lining of service trenches for protection from surrounding contaminated ground
  • Use within highway construction and associated surface drainage systems
  • Bund lining for containment of aggressive chemicals and substances
  • Protection of buried structures and tanks within contaminated ground
  • External lining of attenuation tanks

Suitable for use in conjunction with the Puraflex Tank Membrane and Puraflex DPC for the protection against the ingress of VOC’s, methane, carbon dioxide, radon and damp.

It is recommended that the Puraflex Membrane is installed with welded joints only. Cordek can provide contact details of professional, third party installers who can offer this service if required.