Gas Resistant Self Adhesive Membrane is generally used within foundation construction, predominantly to prevent the transmission of ground gases in both horizontal and vertical applications. It is manufactured using an aluminium/polythene laminate coated on one surface, with an additional layer of self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen.

  • Membrane incorporates an aluminium foil core to provide resistance to the passage of methane, carbon dioxide and radon gases
  • Provides additional waterproofing protection to the structure as part of an overall waterproofing system
  • Excellent adhesion properties to primed surfaces
  • Can be installed in both vertical and horizontal applications, above and below ground

The use of the Gas Resistant Self Adhesive Membrane is suggested where combined gas protection and damp proofing is required. The membrane can be installed both horizontally and vertically onto suitably primed substrates including concrete, masonry and steel.

Suitable for use in conjunction with Tri-gas Membrane, Radon Membrane and Gas Resistant DPC for the protection against the ingress of methane, carbon dioxide, radon and damp.

All surfaces that the membrane is applied to should be primed using the Puraflex Primer prior to installation.