Advanced, self-adhesive membrane with unique HDPE composite film that provides superiorphysical properties for water and vapour proof application in sub-structures.

  • Water and vapour proof- provides protection for all basements, BS 8102:2009
  • Gas resistance- BITUTHENE 8000 and 8000S membranes are certified by BBA to score 2 points as a gas resistant barrier (see BS 8485:2015, Table 7) and additional 2.5 points as a structural barrier in Grade 3 basements (BS 8485:2015, Table 5).
  • Chemically resistant- provides effective external protection against aggressive soils, contaminated ground water and hydrocarbons in suspensionSuperior performanceSuperior performance – 70 m hydrostatic pressure resistance with ultra low moisture transmission rate
  • Wide application “window” reduces delays- application temperature range from -5ºC to +35ºC and damp surface tolerant
  • Unique composite film- engineered for strength, flexibility and a smooth finish
  • Facilitates quality assured installation- printed overlap line ensures minimum laps; light grey colour highlights accidental damage for simple patch repairs.
  • System Compatibility- can be combined with PREPRUFE pre-applied membranes, BITUTHENE LM, and HYDRODUCT for system solutions.

BITUTHENE 8000/8000S membranes combines the proven BITUTHENE adhesive technology with aunique, grey coloured carrier film to provide superior performance and easier installation. BITUTHENE 8000/ 8000S membranes is extremely tough but any accidental damage which would otherwise be missed,is made visible by the black compound showing through the light grey film.