• Bentorub®+ is a permanently active system, which swells up to approxi- mately 4V(*).
  • Bentorub®+ is an ecological and user friendly system: simple and quick to install by means of gun nailing or gluing with MS Fixer.
  • The use of Bentosteel will help the installation and will protect the Ben- torub®+ strip against damage during pouring or compaction of the con- crete.
  • The composition of Bentorub®+ prevents premature swelling.
  • Bentorub®+ has a proven track record in water treatment plants, water pu- rification plants, underground parking lots, water reservoirs, swimming pools, water tanks, metro works and other concrete structures subject to high water pressure.
  • Bentorub®+ can resist hydrostatic pressures of up to 80 metres of water column = 8 bar.
  • The durability and performance of the Bentorub®+ will exceed the design life of the structure (bentonite is a product of nature).
  • The highly elastic and plastic properties of Bentorub®+ will easily counter-balance the initial concrete shrinkage of the structure.
  • Bentorub®+ can fill small honeycombs.
  • Bentorub®+ will not dissolve in water and is non-polluting.

Bentorub®+ is a green flexible hydrophilic strip of approx. 25 by 20 mm, made of natural sodium bentonite clay and synthetic rubber. Bentorub®+ is manufactured in lengths of approx. 5 metres. The swelling properties are created by the particle structure of the clay. In contact with water and in confined conditions, Bentorub®+ will swell to approximately 4V and create a waterproofing pressure inside the joint. The expansive clay mass will thus seal these hair line cracks and voids in the joint. The first expansion is de- layed to prevent the strip from reacting too soon with possible rainwater, before or during the installation.