Aerofil 1 is a white, inert, preformed, closed cell, polyethylene joint filler suitable for structural movement joints in concrete, brick and blockwork. Aerofil 1’s low compressive strength prevents the transfer of load across joint interfaces and makes it ideal for forming soft compression joints and expansion joints in brickwork facades as recommended by BS 5628: Part 3: 985 Use of Masonry Clause 20.4.

Aerofil 1 is equally suitable as a low compression joint filler for bridge expansion joints as specified in Department of Transport, Scottish Development Dept. Welsh Office, Dept. of the Environment for Northern Ireland, Specification for Highway Works Series 1015 where it is essential to prevent transmission of horizontal forces to the abutment walls.

Aerofil 1’s low density is also useful for forming isolation joints for machine bases or similar locations. The closed cell construction also prevents moisture absorption. Aerofil can be used on internal finishes as a gap filler or backing filler to walls, pipes, kitchen and sanitary ware before sealing with a surface sealant.

  • Low compression – accepts temperature cycles with minimal load transfer.
  • Closed cell – prevents water absorption.
  • Recovery – 90% after release of load.
  • Chemical resistant – inert to most dilute acids and alkalis, resistant to oil and hydrocarbons.
  • Easily worked – can be cut with sharp knife, economical in use.
  • Board form – for structural expansion joints in concrete, brick and blockwork.
  • Cut Strip form – in a range of sizes with rip-off edge to form neat sealant rebate.