Sealants & Adhesives

BSSP supply a wide range of sealants and adhesives suitable for flooring, building, road and pavements and civil engineering applications. We stock and supply resin based, rubber, high and low modulus sealants and adhesives to suit a wide range of applications including those which require watertight seals.

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Structabond EP

Applications: Suitable for flooring, building and civil engineering applications.

Structabond EP is a two pack solvent free high strength epoxy resin for use as an adhesive and repair compound. Structabond EP being thixotropic in nature makes it suitable for vertical and overhead structural repairs.

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Puraflex 40

Applications: Suitable for flooring and building.

PURAFLEX 40 is a high modulus, one component, polyurethane hybrid based sealant and adhesive that remains permanently elastic and has good adhesion to most substrates.

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MMA Jointseal

Applications: Suitable for flooring.

Resbuild MMA Jointseal is a light grey, two pack, pourable, flexibilised methyl methacrylate sealant. 

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Butyl NEK

Applications: Suitable for civil engineering applications.

Flexible sealing compound provides a permanent watertight joint for pre-cast concrete units regardless of shape or size. This easily compressible product is designed to completely seal and fill the annular space between pre-cast units.

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Nitoseal MS60

Applications: Suitable for flooring and building

A one-part, medium modulus, fast curing, general purpose building sealant suitable for sealing joints in concrete, brickwork, blockwork, perimeter sealing around doors and windows, and non-trafficked floor joints. Adheres to most common building materials and is easy to apply at low temperatures.

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Nitoseal MS100

Applications: Suitable for building

A one part elastomeric sealant designed for sealing joints in and around concrete, brick, masonry, pre-cast panels, stone cladding, windows, doors and fibre cement sheeting. A low modulus, high movement sealant that does not stain concrete, marble and masonry finishes and has excellent weather and UV resistance. Complies with BS EN ISO 11600, Class F25LM.

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Nitoseal MS300

Applications: Suitable for flooring

Nitoseal MS300 is a one part, high modulus sealant designed for sealing saw-cut joints and perimeter joints in internal floors, and external joints where abrasion resistance is required. It is suitable for factory floors, shopping centres, warehouse and distribution depots, and for concrete hardstanding areas.

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Nitoseal MS600

Applications: Suitable for civil engineering applications

One part medium modulus sealant based on hybrid silyl modified polyether technology. It is suitable for sealing movement joints of 5–35 mm wide in buildings and civil engineering structures, including joints that will be subject to intermittent or permanent immersion.

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Nitoseal PU800

Heavy duty, epoxy urethane joint sealant for sealing internal joints subject to heavy loading and abrasion, or where chemical resistance is required.

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Arbokol AG2 Pouring Grade

Applications: Suitable for flooring, building, roads, pavements and civil engineering applications.

Arbokol AG2 is a two part Polysulphide Sealant which cures once the two components are mixed together to give a flexible rubber seal. Recommended for structural flooring,  carriageway, kerb & parapet wall joints, Sea Walls and Water Retaining Structures (Non Drinking Water)

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