Repair & Refurbishment

Our single and two-part concrete mixes cater for a range of light to heavy duty applications and include HAPAS approved, vandal proof, fast setting, early strength gain materials for back filling, surfacing and post installation.

FP-1 Rapid Setting Patch and Kerb Repair

FP-1 is ideal for the reinstatement of small areas requiring less than a ready-mix quantity for example, the reinstatement of trip hazards, kerbs and steps. This high strength patch and kerb repair can be opened to traffic in just 2 hours.

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HF High Flow Precision Grout

HF is ideal as a bridge bearing grout as well as for the securing of stanchion base plates, machine beds and parapet legs

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EP-R9 Epoxy Bedding and Concrete Repair Mortar

EP-R9 is ideal for bonding coping stones, arris repairs, bedding granite setts and paving elements in recess covers and tree grids.

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FTC Fast Track Concrete

FTC is fibre modified concrete, suitable for small and large reinstatements to car parks, warehouses and bridge decks.

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PY5 Flowable Polyester Resin System

PY5 is ideal for anchoring bolts or bars, the bedding of lights in carriageways, backfill of manhole covers and sealing surface cracks. PY5 conforms to HA104/09, withstands extreme wear and boasts a 85N/mm² compressive strength gain in 1 hour.

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