Highway Maintenance & Repair Ancillaries

We provide a range of ancillary products available to support reinstatement repairs. Our range of high performance ancillaries are quick and easy to apply, minimise traffic management, eliminate risk and prolong the life of your repairs.

LMP Line Marking Paint

LMP is ideal as an effective and quick method for line or spot marking of pothole repairs, car parks, warehouses, sports halls and building sites. This economical and durable line marking paint has excellent adhesion and available in a range of colours.

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Instaline Thermoplastic Road Marking

Instaline is ideal for the reinstatement of line areas on car parks, roads and carriageways. This thermoplastic road marking provides anti-skid, is reflective and easy to apply.

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Instagrip Anti-Skid Patch Repair

Instagrip is ideal for the patching and reinstating of high friction areas after maintenance work has taken place. It is perfect for use on pedestrian crossings, junctions, roundabouts, footbridges, subways, steel plates and manhole covers.

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Instaband ECO Thermoplastic Overbanding

Instaband ECO has been designed for the application to asphalt roads to prevent water ingress and progressive fretting. It has been HAPAS Approved since 2012 and prevents water ingress immediately, prolonging the life of your repair.

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