Structabond EP

Product Description

Structabond EP is a two pack solvent free high strength epoxy resin for use as an adhesive and repair compound. Structabond EP being thixotropic in nature makes it suitable for vertical and overhead structural repairs. Structabond adheres well to a variety of building materials including concrete, stone, metal, timber and glass.

Product Features

  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Negligible shrinkage.
  • Thixotropic for vertical and overhead use.
  • Can be applied by sealant gun.
  • No primer required.
  • Grey in colour to match concrete.
  • Bonds to damp substrates.

Product Applications

  • Gap filling in concrete.
  • Small thin patch repairs to concrete.
  • Bonding metal to concrete.
  • Bonding most expansion joint flexible strips.
  • Brick slips.

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