Pre-Formed Corners

Product Description

When conforming to Robust Details in multiple occupancy blocks, it is essential that a clear cavity within the subfloor is maintained to prevent transmission of sound. A sub floor D.P.C is difficult to install and fold to create this clear cavity requirement and does not remain in situ during the life of the structure.

A preformed partition wall subfloor tray should be considered in this instance. Corden EPS Pre-Formed units are designed specifically for low rise housing projects to meet these requirements. Manufactured from a 2mm blend of virgin HDPE / PP (High density polyethylene / polypropylene) they match or exceed the gas protection offered by the required membrane.

When used in conjunction with Corden E.P.S G.R D.P.C and Corden E.P.S gas jointing tape, these preformed units isolate the internal floor membrane from the external structure of the property and negate any thermal instability of the membrane that would otherwise affect the structural integrity of the property.

Product Features

• Time saving installation

• Full system integrity and compliance

• Full mortar bed maintained (no multiple layers)

• Clear partition Robust Detail wall cavity maintained

• No thermal instability issues

• Variable depths for bespoke floor construction

• Clear break between ground worker and brickworks package

• Penetrations fully sealed against gas & water

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