Plastic Spacers

Offers stable support to reinforcing steel in ground floor slabs and its large base area prevents puncturing of polyethene film. The clip-on version facilitates use in vertical applications.
Sizes: 40/50, 65/75, 90/100mm



Plastic Chair (tric-trac)
For use in the support of bottom reinforcement in suspended slabs. Very stable and has excellent concrete flow chracteristics. Supplied in 2 metre lengths.


Plastic Chair (Zig Zag)
Versatile spacer with high load-bearing capacity.  Due to its unique design it does not easily overturn or break when stood on. Excellent concrete flow charateristics. Supplied in 2 metre lengths.
Sizes: 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 65mm


Standard Plastic Circles
Plastic circles are ideal for vertical surfaces.
Available in  various sizes to suit most configurations of bar and cover.



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