Nitoseal PU800

Product Description

Nitoseal PU800 is a two-component elastomeric sealant for limited movement joints. After mixing, the resultant compound will cure to provide an exceptionally robust seal, while retaining a degree of flexibility. Nitoseal PU800 is abrasion resistant and withstands spillage of fuel oils, mineral acids and vegetable oils. Nitoseal PU800 can be used in joints between 5 mm and 50 mm wide.

Product Features

  • Cures to a tough seal
  • Abrasion resistant
  • High modulus
  • Resistant to chemical, fuel and oil spillage
  • Easily installed to give a flush finish
  • Hard, but flexible sealant; resists picking and vandalism

Product Applications

For sealing internal joints subject to heavy loading and abrasion, or where chemical resistance is required. Can be used in factories, warehouses and distribution centres.

It is particularly effective where there is forklift truck traffic. Nitoseal PU800 can also be used where joints would be subject to stiletto heels (e.g. shopping centres, podiums etc.). It is suitable for use in prisons as an anti-pick sealant for sealing internal partitions, cell doors, windows, fittings and furniture.

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