EPS Geogrids

Corden EPS GeogridsCorden eps Geogrid is a biaxial extruded polypropylene grid, designed for ground stabilisation.

Corden eps Geogrid is a polymeric product composed of stiff rubs running at right angles to each other with rectangular openings (Apertures) of regular size (typically 39mm x 39mm), it is black in colour and has a high tensile strength and is chemically inert, and can absorb stresses in two directions, Corden eps Geogrid is specifically for use in soil and asphalt reinforcement applications.

Product Applications

  • Reducing thickness of layers in ground reinforcement/ Improving strength and working life of roads and railways.
  • Containing differential settlement on brownfield sites
  • Erosion Control
  • Bridging Voids

Corden eps Geogrid is supplied in three standard sizes the grade refers to the tensile strength in kn/m:

  • 20/20 = 20 kn/m
  • 30/30 = 30 kn/m
  • 40/40 = 40 kn/m

For most projects 30/30 will be suitable but 40/40 & 20/20 are available for projects that require a greater or lesser tensile strength.

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