Corden EPS Radon CO2 Membrane

Corden EPS Radon/CO2

Corden EPS Radon/CO2 Membrane is part of BSSP's wide range of stock gas membranes

Product Description

Corden EPS Radon/CO2 Membrane is a co-extruded, co-polymer blend of virgin polymer (MDPE and LDPE). Thickness: 375mu/1500G. Weight: 365g/m2. Colour: Rust Red. Available in a standard roll size of 4m x 20m.

Product Specification for the EPS Radon CO2 Membrane

Corden EPS CO2/Radon Membrane is a blown extruded blend of virgin polymer MDPE and LDPE (co-polymer). This blend gives the product immense strength, tear and puncture resistance when compared to ordinary DPM and other radon and CO2 membranes. Because of it’s integral strength, it has no need for reinforcement and thus makes it suitable for use as a proprietary gas/damp proof membrane, where resistance to puncture is key.

Corden EPS CO2/Radon Membrane prevents the transmission of unacceptable levels of harmful gases. Manufacturing the membranes from virgin co-polymers overcomes the problems associated with the imperfections in membranes manufactured from post-consumer recycled waste.


  • Suitable for use on sites contaminated with higher concentrations of CO2 and Radon
  • Virgin co-polymer. Zero imperfections
  • 4 metre wide uni-fold membrane
  • Premium DPM/vapour barrier
  • Extremely tough with excellent resistance to tear and puncture
  • Twin wedge or extrusion weld
  • Compatible with vented systems

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