Butyl NEK

Product Description

Butyl-Nek flexible sealing compound provides a permanent watertight joint for pre-cast concrete units regardless of shape or size. This easily compressible product is designed to completely seal and fill the annular space between pre-cast units.

Butyl-Nek associated products have a 50 year proven track record in the most extreme situations and specified and used by pre-casters and contractors worldwide. Butyl-Nek meets and exceeds the requirements of the federal specifications: SS-S-210(210A0, AASHTO M-198B, and ASTM C-990-91.

Product Applications

Butyl-Nek meets the requirements of the following authorities:

  • Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry. 5th edition, WRc, 1998.
  • DOT Specification for Highway Works, HMSO, 1998.
  • BS EN 1917 (supersedes BS8005) sewerage.
  • BS 8301 (Building Drainage), 1985.

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