Aerofil 2

Product Description

High density, compressible closed cell, polyethylene filler for movement joints in civil/ structural works and water retaining structures.

Product Applications

Aerofil® 2 is designed for water retaining structures such as reservoirs, sea walls subject to thermal movement and wave action, and heavily trafficked floors such as pedestrian areas, factory flooring and elevated structures. Aerofil 2’s high compressive strength and density

combined with low load transfer characteristics make it ideal for creating joints in large in-situ concrete sections without distortion from wet concrete and vibrating techniques.

Its inherent compressive strength and stiffness provides excellent resistance to water pressure so that the subsequent surface sealant is supported to prevent adhesion failure at the shoulders of the joint. The closed cell construction prevents moisture absorption.

Product Features

  • High density - provides support for surface sealants subject to hydrostatic pressure.

  • Non-extruding - will not be displaced by compressive loads and movement.

  • Resilient - will not distort under load from wet concrete.

  • Deformable - accepts movement with low load transfer.

  • Recovery - 95% after 50% compression.

  • Closed cell - prevents water absorption.

  • Chemically resistant - inert to most dilute acids and alkalis, resistant to oil and hydrocarbons, rot proof.

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