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Geo-membranes - Product Focus

BS Specialist Products is an approved stockist for JUNIFOL geo-membranes and can provide nationwide next day delivery.

JUNIFOL geo-membranes are a range of high quality impermeable membranes and are available in a choice of high density polyethylene (HDPE) or linear-low density polyethylene (LLDPE).

JUNIFOL geo-membranes can be installed using a variety of seaming techniques, including hot wedge, combi-wedge and hot gas welding processes. For details, openings, spots with complicated access, repair jobs, patches and shorter seams, an extrusion-welding method is typically implemented using a welding rod.

Geo-membranes provide protection for a wide range of civil engineering structures against ingress from moisture, water, liquids, chemical substances and gases (radon, methane and carbon dioxide).

Typical areas of use for geo-membrane systems include:

  • Attenuation tank lining.

  • Lagoon lining.

  • Slurry lagoons.

  • Reservoir lining.

  • Secondary containment.

  • Landfill.

  • VOC protection.

  • Aquatic application.

  • Ponds, lakes and canal linings.

  • Swales.

  • Tunnels and underground structures.

Junifol HDPE

Junifol LLDPE



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