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Expansion Joint Fillers - any size, any shape delivered within 24 hours

Cutting facilities on site

As well as standard sizes to suit brick, block and concrete thicknesses, BS Specialist Products have invested in unique cutting equipment to facilitate the processing of bespoke sized expansion joint fillers.

Here at BSSP we can cut to any size, shape or thickness which ensures readily available strips or shapes or pipe cut outs to suit even the most demanding requirements, small or large, within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on the package we offer including availability, price and delivery.

We have become a trusted partner to our customers and we always go the extra mile, that’s why our growing list of customers nationwide include manufacturers, distributors, builder’s merchants and contractors.

Product Selection

Expansion joint fillers are used in construction to take the strain from building materials when a structure is settling down or just fluctuating from temperature and atmospheric changes. The BSSP range of Expansion Joint Fillers cover all types of sealants from corking through to compressed bitumen impregnated fibre joints and other specialist applications.

Fibrefill by BSSP

 Expandafill by BSSP

Expandafill HD from BSSP

Bitubind Cork

Expandafill Cord fvrom BSSP


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