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24 Hour Turnaround for London Gateway Port

DP World London Gateway Port

London Gateway is a high profile and prestigious construction project that will provide 2,700 metres of quay, six deep-water berths with depth alongside of 17 metres, 24 giant quay cranes and an annual capacity of 3.5 million TEU. It will make London a hub for international trade once again.

As well as being on the doorstep of London and the South East, London Gateway is better placed to serve destinations much further afield. This will enable shippers from across the UK to make substantial savings by reducing delivery times, haulage costs, fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

The Challenge

The main contractor Volker Fitzpatrick called BS Specialist Products at 8:30am on a Tuesday morning in a rush to take advantage of the 24 hour turnaround that we are proud of. However, the quantity the client ordered was a little more than the average; this was a real challenge, even for BS Specialist Products custom made facilities. The requirements meant processing more than 1,000 sheets of 19mm Fibrefill board:

  • The order was for 4,000 pieces of Fibrefill.

  • The project required various shapes and sizes of Fibrefill board to be cut to order.

  • The client needed delivery on site before 8:00am the following day – less than 24 hours after the initial order, including delivery to site.

  • Each Fibrefill board needed to be cut exactly, with zero tolerance, to the clients order as it would be fitted on site.

The Solution

BS Specialist Products love a challenge, and this was one of their biggest.

BS Specialist Products proudly promote the fact they can cut expansion joint fillers to any size and any shape and deliver within 24 hours. The order was received at the customer built cutting facilities at 8:30am and the skilled team spent all night cutting their way through 1,000 pieces of Fibrefill board to meet the client’s deadline.

Fibrefill is economical, compressible, non-extruding, bitumen impregnated fibreboard designed primarily for use as an expansion joint filler for joints between concrete components.

BSSP 3 step process

Added Value

The wealth of experience, but most importantly the dedicated BSSP team, worked through the night to ensure they would meet the customer’s needs. This along with unrivalled product knowledge enabled them to work quickly and efficiently within this very tight deadline.

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